Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just a Swangin…

Yeah mon, we are home from Jamaica. There is no excitement in my hands as I type. Life as it returns to normal sucks compared to paradise. I was really happy to see my babies, but everything else could’ve waited another week! After 8 days of fun, sun, and rum, I’m thinking of using my liver as a doorstop. But boy was it worth it. Over the next several days and weeks you will see various posts complete with pics to chronicle our Jamaican holiday, this is not one of them. Rather it is more an epilogue or postlude, if you will, than a regurgitation of the week…an elegant prose of life and style:

We were sitting at Margaritaville at the Montego Bay airport waiting to fly home…enjoying a Cheeseburger in Paradise…when we were exposed to a glimpse of a lifestyle I have never quite seen up close in real life. They have been portrayed in film and TV and even by fiction writers. But never had I truly seen an entire gaggle (herd? posse? pack? flock?) of swingers. Not the porch grandparents or playground moms, but swingers…as in couples swapping counterparts. You know, the one’s that participate in what Ryan calls the competitive sport for the ugly?

I have visions of swingers being hot young couples that occasionally dabble in one another’s batter, but what we saw was anything but…I will spare you the details. Their annual trip to Hedonism III should sum it up pretty well. Let’s just say my vision has been shattered and in its place a new mental picture now resides. Hey I don’t judge, whatever floats their boats (or chaps) is cool with me. Damn the luck though, middle aged beatnik leftovers are not my ideal picture of swinging couples. I just hope my vision of Lipstick Lesbians doesn’t get shattered by the same reality check! Peace out mon, remember the world is full of all kinds of people…and it’s really entertaining to finally see them!

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