Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Oceans Heals Me

There is something about the solitude of hearing surf lap onto a sandy beach. When you are strewn about on a public beach at a resort packed with people, it is amazing how quickly all activity fades into the distance. Mental clarity is at its peak when you have the ability to fully relax, no stress, no to-do lists, no email, no phone, no deadlines, nothing.

The ocean is just peace, rum, and Red Stripe. Well, when you’re in Jamaica anyway. In the Bahamas it would be Kalik, or in Mexico it would be tequila and Modelo or Tecate (my personal fav)…whoa, I’m digressing to liquor again. Nonetheless the ocean is the mystic source of healing and tranquility with or without the booze. But just in case you’re wondering, the booze is a terrific co-facilitator of peace!

Nah, I tease (wink wink), it is all about the ocean. I appreciate it far more as an adult than I did as an obnoxious twenty something spring breaker.

When the rigors of life mount upon an ADD brain, it tends to spin incessantly. But when my eyes affix the turquoise waters gently rolling upon pristine sand, the healing begins. I am thinking of marketing a new cult following of my own for those seeking mental clarity…hmm, let’s see…it will meld the philosophies of mental clarity from tantric yoga (Ohhhhmmm), the Madonna religions du jour (whatever they are this week), the Wiccan naturalists (because the Halliwell sisters are good for me), the Scientologists (because life originating from ancient aliens is THE definition of mental clarity), and the Idaho militias (we full uv mental clarity BEOTCH). It’s a brilliant scheme! I only have to recruit one impish celebrity and voila, instant following on the road to enlightened mental clarity. Don’t forget to sign up…we meet down at the beach!

Eh, too much work…I’d rather dream about the ocean. Maybe I was a fish in a former life? No, better yet, a massive Great White Shark skimming the deep blue waters of Earth content with life underwater and a full belly of Amity residents. Maybe I should go visit the Dali Llama to find out for sure. Nah, think I’ll just relish in the memories of my tranquil days overlooking the ocean that God gave us for just such times. Can you feel me sending the oceanic healing your way? No? Oh well, my cult idea will then surely be a flop!

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