Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Dismantling of Christmas

I am all in favor of not putting up decorations next year. No lights. No wreaths. No 9' tree full of fragile trinkets which are destined to break. Something so joyous should not have to include a full day of dismantling the paraphernalia...ugh. Is it summer yet? I don't wanna even start the process, but I'm so sick of being surrounded by the perpetual holiday cheer it serves as an excellent motivator. Dig out the boxes. Unpack the junk which had to be packed to unpack the packed cheery items from the start. I don't get it...there has GOT to be an easier way to do this...maybe I should hire someone to do it for me while I sit back with a stiff drink and supervise. Excellent where do I find such a stooge?

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Unknown said...

What I'm about to tell you is the absolute Aunt built her lake house to have a Christmas closet, here's the best part, she mounted wheels to her tree and she just rolls it in and then out...I'm dead serious.