Friday, March 30, 2007

Automotive Schizophrenia

When we first moved to Arkansas, I drove a nice Yukon, comfortable, big, rode like a Caddy. In the spring following our arrival (04), I decided that with all the travel I was doing, the big Yuhoe was sitting at the airport 70% of the time feeling lonely and neglected. So I drove to Tulsa to trade it for a little Toyota Tacoma. That truck was great...there was no worrying about where it went and what it was was one tough little bullet for a regular cab 4 banger. It carried the Yamaha through some nasty terrain in the Ozark National Forest and never even batted an eye. Then how do I repay it? Well, I quit traveling so much and was spending more and more time with the little guy so I traded it for something bigger and more comfortable and not paid for. Thus begins the journey which I have now diagnosed as a classic case of Car Buying Schizophrenia...look it up, it's real. The silver Taco became the white 02 GMC, which was really nice, I have never had my own car that was loaded with leather and HEATED SEATS! However, something about that purchase always haunted me no matter how enticed by the leather I may have been. So I kicked it to the curb last July and decided that if I was going to have a truck payment, then I wanted a new one with warranty and my own scratches. Well, it is now March and a new year. And a new (old) 4Runner. I know, it is sick and twisted. But, it will soon be paid for and I will be back in the bliss of the old silver Taco.


MEGAN said...

I wish I had the chance to catch this disease instead I'm at the mercy of my dear sweet PRACTICAL husband....that's what I get for being the one who stays home! Ha!

aWare said...

Well Folks, I think Chad has found his favorite blog! I love your outlook on life...Rock On