Friday, March 30, 2007

Lenten Addictions

It's the second year I have given up my addiction to Diet Dr. Pepper for Lent. So tonight I am sipping on the remains of my Sonic Raspberry Iced Tea and about to pop open a Diet Peach Snapple (I know, it's like giving up liquor to start smoking, but cut me some slack I'm being spiritual here). If you have never found yourself imbibing in a Snapple, then you have no idea of the excitement one can find when popping the top to reveal the "REAL FACT" hidden on the underside of the lid. Today, I learned that a hummingbird's heart beats 1400 times a minute. This is some really useful stuff. It is almost as exhilarating as Laffy Taffy jokes or Bazooka Joe cartoons. This brings me to my point: my desire to sacrifice one addiction has created a new equally addictive concoction which contradicts the purpose of the sacrificial addiction. But it sure is fun...for 40 days each year, I expand my collection of useless trivia. I bet you didn't know Manhattan is the only borough in NYC that does not have a Main Street. You would have, if you had read Real Fact #266.

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Unknown said...

I am totally digging this and I am right there with you...that's why this year for Lent, I gave up nothing in exchange for trying to think of others before myself...uuuuuuhhhhhhh, it's not going as well as planned. Hee hee.