Friday, March 30, 2007

Mont-y Memories

While my GF and two cherubs are spending a few days of spring break at CC and Pappa's house, I woke up thinking this morning of all the life lessons I learned at The Mont. The Mont, for those who don't know, is the quintessential patio of life. On a balmy Sunday evening in early June 1994, shortly before the much anticipated release of The Lion King, six friends began a legacy. Door Jamb, Marianne, Cherry, Coaster, Blue Star, and me Drummer Boy witnessed the genesis of the Sunday Drinking Club (Sigma Delta Chi). Ah the magic, the highly insightful philosophical discussions, the humanity. I am by nature a very nostalgic person which means I am a keeper of memories and somewhat ungrounded to reality. Because of this, I hold many treasures in boxes scattered around my house, garage, name it. At the prodding of my beautiful and practically minded wife, I have managed to whittle those memories into two densely packed containers. During this process I came across a book titled AN URBAN AFFAIR. This title and even its author have no bearing, but the book itself is sacred. It sits within the bookshelf of our family room as a silent reminder. You see, this book was used to keep meeting minutes each Sunday. The group would sing the high praise of Hakuna Matata and fill the pages with Sharpie ramblings, some illegible. I started thumbing through the book this morning and I was laughing so hard I had tears and stomach cramps. There was a fair amount of drama, like super sleuthing past the Sig Ep house late at night to see if Marianne's ex was out with a girl affectionately known as Claymation, or the 89ers baseball game night, or any Wednesday night at Incahoots...whew those were the days. Isn't it funny how the older we get, the harder we cling to those days? Maybe its just me. The ability for us to make memories is the reason we live. Each day we look forward to the next great memory until one day when we are old and gray looking at the book of life and hopefully saying, YEE-HAW that was good! Sunday will be here before we know it, perhaps a reunion is long overdue!

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