Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Costume Party: Like Totally Gag Me With a Spoon!

Cindy and I are going to a costume party on Saturday night for the 30th birthday fiesta of our friend Joel. We are charged with representing one of the past 3 decades in full campy flair. At first I was thinking 70's pimp, then we thought about Mork and Mindy, Hans and Frans, Valley Teens, Shaggy and Velma...ok stop laughing, I'm being serious. We have decided costume parties suck. They are way too hard. It's hard enough to come up with an idea, but it is impossible to find anything to wear. Unless you buy it already pre-assembled in a costume shop, good luck finding anything that would pass for any of the above. So, we are stuck with mixing our favorite 80's fashions. Although it makes me feel old to know 80's retro wear is mockingly funny, I mean it wasn't THAT long ago we were wearing that ugly crap! Remember Dexters with the curly cue laces? Bugle Boy Baggy jeans? Braided leather belts 6 sizes too big so you could loop over and under and let it dangle? Hirachi sandals? Parachute pants and strokers caps? Jean jackets with Bon Jovi and Poison buttons? I wish I had time to grow a mullet. So in the end, I am torn between 80's Biff and Buffy and 80's hood. It is way cooler to wear an Anthrax t-shirt and jean jacket, ripped jeans with a bandanna around the leg and pen inked metal band logo's...but it is WAY funnier to do two pastel polos with collars up, white jean shorts, striped tube socks topped at the knee, and Wayfarers. I may even throw a sweater around my neck and carry a John McEnroe racket...or even drive up in a canary yellow MG with a feathered butt cut. Either way, I'll share the pics.

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