Monday, April 16, 2007


Finally, after 2 months of anticipation, BUZZFEST arrived on Friday the 13th! We loaded up the MV (the grocery-getting, people-moving van of mini) and drove to OKC for a whirlwind 24 hrs. Now leading up to the beloved event, which I attended with my friend Jeff and his son Cody (the concert virgin), I had to mentally psyche myself for what was about to transpire. Afterall, I had not been to a concert since college (the first time). There was hairstyle to decide, wardrobe planning, much listening to the bands on my iPod to help memorize words I may have either forgotten or just never knew. I had GF drop me off at Hot Topic to buy a shirt. She parked down the lane from the door so no one would see me get out of the ghastly minivan. I was totally 12 again, a 33 year old with the heart of a sixth grader. I bought a Social Distortion tshirt, sewed the belt loops back onto my favorite pair of faded jeans, donned my Chuck Taylor all-stars (also newly purchased) and tried in vain to mohawk my hair. Totally posing! I know I looked ridiculous, but I just did not care. Except for the act of stuffing my ears with cotton to prevent permanent hearing damage, I was totally young again.

Doors opened at 5pm, we were there at 5:03. We had awesome seats, the beer stand was just up the ramp, and the bathroom was right outside the door. The lineup included a local band that won a contest (so great I forgot their name), Saosin, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Buckcherry, Papa Roach, and finally AFI. I bought a Buckcherry tshirt...the Crazy B*tch Tour 2007. I helped support the Moore High School band by frequenting their Bud Light stand (run by parents of course). I had a hot dog, like I was at an OU game...and it was by far the very best hot dog I have ever had! Like ever! I spent a little time people watching, which is a sport in and of itself at an event like this. It was just as colorful as the Toughman Contest, although with a slightly darker (clothing, not skin) flavor. I had to laugh when a conservative cowboy type dad entered with his daughter of about 14 and her friend, both completely gothed out. That poor guy had no idea what he was getting into. I later saw him in the bathroom, asked if he was having a good time, he said "sure is loud, can you even understand what they are singing?", well no, but that's not the point.

OHMIGAH! We totally rocked as the night progressed, no doubt I was fueled by liquid courage, poor Cody had to endure two old guys trying to be young...Oh to have been a fly on the rail watching us! We hear "let's see those phones" and a wave of electric blue light fills the arena...where have I been and what happened to lighters? We watched the mosh pit swirl and dudes beat the hell out of each other, crowd surfers fall on their heads, I can't imagine them being able to hoist my fat self up on top of the crowd, much less get passed around...they woulda dropped me like a useless penny. And Cody got to witness a concert rite of passage, the inevitable flash from an adoring female fan! Make that two adoring female fans, but we decided only one counts, the other should have left it to the imagination. We were so proud. So today, after an entire weekend to recuperate, I am still sore. My arms are sore, my stomach still hurts, my ears are still ringing. But there is a smile on my face. I can still hang. Battered by age, and stress, a little excess cargo weight, and time...I can still rock out...if only for a few minutes at a time, it tends to give me a headache.

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Unknown said...

You are always gonna be too cool to me! You make me laugh...gee, I wish I could have seen you all! Boo Hoo, maybe next time.