Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bowflex: Multi-Purpose Machine

We spent the weekend at the lake with the kids and some friends. I was typing away about the good times we had and funny memories that were made until I rambled into a subject that has created tumultuous conversations and long standing jokes at our hood. I had to delete...and start over. You see, it was April 2001. Cindy and I had just celebrated our one year anniversary moving into the house we had built on the tornado lot in OKC. For the past two years, I had been carting around a VHS (yeah I know, but it was still early in the OO's) promotional tape I ordered late one night from the Bowflex infomercial. I was sold from the first pitch. It took the next two years to find a way to pay for it. Finally, on that crisp spring day in April I made the call and sent it on its way. All for the bargain price of $799 plus shipping and handling.

Fast forward six years, thirty pounds, two kids, a minivan, five houses, and two dogs later. It is truly the multi-purpose machine I purchased way back in 2001. Don't believe me? Check the top ten list and see for yourself:

1. Fold down bench makes for excellent ironing board and impromptu closet shelf.
2. Flex rods make for excellent impromptu closet rods.
3. Upright bench and legs make for excellent drying rack for water toys, floaties, and life jackets.
4. Off season storage of water hoses and fertilizer bags.
5. Perfect for hanging the gi-normous Sam's Club freezer bag year round.
6. Raised platform prevents moisture from infiltrating stacked boxes and totes.
7. Velcro leg wraps become perfect make-shift garage holders.
8. Handle attachments may be used for a variety of odd chores when in a pinch.
9. Always valuable as a marketing tool for drawing people into a Garage Sale.
10. Holds "NOT FOR SALE" signs in the perfect eye-level location.

Of course I have never used this fine machine for anything other than its intended purpose (I almost made it without laughing). I simply wanted to share with you the plethora of uses this amazing contraption is capable of providing. It is truly the Swiss Army Knife of fitness equipment. More versatile than a Leatherman, more flexible than a universal remote. I recommend you pick one up if you have the means. After a weekend of hoisting my ass back onto a Sea Doo, I will fall in love all over again. Long live the Bowflex, provider of so much, recognized for so little!

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