Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Made-For-TV Moment

One morning when Cindy and I were carpooling together we ran through Mickey D's for McMuffins. As the line progressed we reached the first window, paid for our fine dining experience, and began waiting again. As the cars began to move, we noticed the guy sitting in the little pickup directly in front of us did not. We waited, and waited, the head of an employee bobbed out of window number two as if to signal "what is the holdup people?". Then we noticed the guy in the little pickup was sound asleep. Head back on the headrest, snoozing, and I mean out cold...mouth wide open and settled into the eyelid theatre. It seemed like forever, when it was probably less than a minute, but we could do nothing but watch in this sort of bewildered state. We looked at each other and at the same time both busted out laughing so hard we were crying. I have no doubt the poor guy could hear us and when he finally jumped awake and moved forward, he turned around, looked at us with wide eyes, gave us an embarrassed smile and promptly sped away...we laughed for hours. To this day one of us will quip, "remember that one time at McDonald's...". No need to continue, we bust out all over again!

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