Monday, January 7, 2008

Holiday Recap

Holy shcnikes! It has been a very long month. From our return from Florida, which was a blast, to our whirlwind trips to MN and back home for a few days to OK, we have barely had time to rest. I, of course, went right back to work flying out the day after New Year's to my new project in San Antonio, which I am quite certain is going to be a nightmare and consume far more of my professional time than I would normally desire. Whew...I need a nap. We have had fun though! Here is a summation in short bullet points for those fellow ADDers who don't like to read much:
  • Disney was a blast, but the Magic Kingdom is in fact dry, the rumors are true.
  • Sanibel Island is always a great refresher for the ocean heals me, yes Tim I did send the oceanic vibes of refreshing meditation your way.
  • We finally took a huge family picture on the beach at Sanibel all dressed in white shirts and jeans, looking like a mob of Mormon missionaries dissing our black pants and ties.
  • Zac and Ann got engaged shortly after our departure from Florida!
  • American Airlines has never been happier than the day the Carpenter's deplaned back in good ole Arkansas. The kids were excellent of course as they are cherubic little angels 100% of the time.
  • We battled 9.5 hours in the loser cruzer driving to MN, the final third of which was in dense fog...that was a treat. Cindy had the kids "Santa" gifts sent to Walmart in Rochester and I spent two nights assembling bikes until 2am. FYI, they do assemble for free, but you have to buy them from the store, not have them shipped there for future reference.
  • I reacquainted myself with my obsessive compulsive need to work tirelessly on a 2000 piece puzzle until the wee hours.
  • It snowed on us for 2/3 of the way home, another treat! I have no doubt A and J were probably ready for us to take our Tour of Chaos on down the road.
  • We spent an early New Year's Eve with friends in OKC during a short 36 hour visit and managed to see virtually every family member thanks to very tight scheduling and very little whining.
  • Alas the new year arrived and we are finally home!

Although not the most enthralling prose, at least you now have some semblance of our busy holiday travel schedule...and as I always say at the end of every holiday season, next year if you want to see us, you'll be coming to OUR house. The Tour of Chaos is officially retired and we are praying there is no talk of a reunion tour. Happy New Year and peace out hombres.

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