Monday, August 25, 2008

Loft Bed Mania

Well well well, check out the update on the loft bed I made for F's room! I decided pics were a necessity to highlight the blood, sweat, and tears which have made this little project possible. Pay special attention to the redneck paint booth I rigged up with weed-eater line and plastic. Also note the gratuitous photo depicting my source of artistic expression! It worked like a charm.

What began as a day long project, according to the plans I bought online it was 8-10 man hours of labor (I call BS), turned out to be three weeks. Last weekend we finally moved it inside but it became very apparent minor kid-friendly modifications were needed. I think Cindy has some pics of the final assembly on her blog, I thought you would rather see this little dream of a project (heavy sarcasm) through my eyes. So it is still a work in progress. It might have to be a Christmas present at this rate.

Currently I am trying to finish a ladder, some additional bed rails, and a new lighting concept as the ceiling fan is no longer an option. With the sleeping habits of a 3 yr old: stretching, kicking, spinning like a top, and an occasional bout of sleep get the picture. Cindy still thinks it is way too high, but I am adamantly opposed to cutting down the legs of this magnificent creation.

It would be like drawing a mustache on the Mona Lisa...inconceivable disgrace to the artist! way Jose! I will just fortify it so he can sleep in a cozy fortress of slumber...I'm sure the tranquil Zen of my artistic expression will allow him to awaken a fresh boy, perfectly behaved and inspired after his metamorphosis from within the wooden cocoon. Ok, ok, so a dad can dream...enough already, I'm ready for this project to be behind me. It has made my back hurt, my hands splintered, and my boobs droop...I need a vacation...but it sure looks cool!

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