Monday, May 7, 2007

The Scavo Wars

As embarrassed as I am to admit it, I secretly love Desperate Housewives even though it actually brought some turmoil to our quiet abode. After dinner and baths and stories and kid chaos, when the eye-lid theater beckons the babies to enter a quiet slumber...we sneak off to the family room to enjoy our Sunday night drama. Tivo rocks. If you are a fan then you can appreciate our Scavo war. I mentioned to Cindy that I felt sorry for poor Tom, stuck at home and in pain...his wife seeking attention from the Iron Eagle. She gave me the "lip-curl" and said "What?! Lynette is the one who should endure our sympathy." And so she goes, giving up her job to stand by her husband, the cooking and cleaning, caring for 5 kids...yada yada. Dude, HE is the one who has been oppressed, unable to seek his dream and when he FINALLY does, it is never good enough. He endures bossy Beazus who runs the household with an iron fist. "He sunk their life savings into a pizza parlor, which will probably not last!" she says to me. Well of course not, it is destined to fail if she isn't behind it! In the end, we agree to disagree. Dreamers of the world unite...and join the fight against pragmatism. Long live the pizzeria and down with the gourmet!

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aWare said...

I have to admit...Tom is so annoying to me, he was beyond annoying during his sickness. She is a bossy pants too and their lives are rediculously crazy....nanny...dead husband in freezer...come on....random!