Friday, May 4, 2007


While waiting impatiently for a flight last night, I was reading an article in my Fast Company magazine on the cult status of Whataburger. It made my mouth water. Cindy and I have had a huge affection for Whataburger since the dawn of time. But since our tenure in NWA began, we have been in severe withdrawal. The article was catchy and spoke of management style and values and blah blah...we love it for its food! There is something highly addictive in their Ketchup (not Catsup) and it makes their fries and burgers seem like little nuggets of heaven on earth. Don't get me wrong, Mickey D's fries are good and all, but they don't hold a candle to the elusive popcorn-box-o-fries from the orange A-frame. I purposefully leave 30 minutes early when driving to Tulsa to fly Southwest just to have time to visit my favorite foody house, well that and to go to Academy, but that's a different post all together. Driving through the state of Texas, passing every giant orange and blue "W" on I-35 is like being 6 again roaming the toy aisle at Kmart; elated to see the possibilities, but fending off a tantrum because mom said no. There is just something magical about hearing that crackling speaker chirping "would you like to Whata-size that, sugar?" Uh, there is no need to even ask. So who cares that the Whata-sized soda is the size of a super's all good since its DIET Dr. Pepper. Well, happy thoughts and Whata-dreams to you...the Whata-end.

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Unknown said...

I thought I was the only one addicted to Whataburger and it's Kethup...I used to stock pile it...but without the fries on hand, what's the use? HA!