Friday, May 18, 2007

Suns Bandwagon

Well most of you know that I have been working part time in Phoenix since last fall, and befitting, I have joined the bandwagon of the Suns. I went to a game in February and decided that the NBA is pretty damn exciting when the home team doesn't suck. Such was, and is, the case of the Phoenix Suns. I was mesmerized by this past Tuesday when Nash and crew just eked victory in the last few minutes...and fell asleep last night when they couldn't hold on. I still maintain it is all fixed, but with really good reason! It does tend to get your blood boiling. So my vote is with the little white guy (not being racist) even if he tends to be a ball hog on occasion. Tonight I am in Chicago, and spent the night watching the Bulls and Pistons, not really into it as much as my new surrogate team, but there is something about playoff time that makes you really enjoy a sport so tainted by corporate greed and punk-ass players. I mean really, Sprewell, Anthony, HORRY! Punk Ass players. Too bad there is no justification for higher education. Ah well...I can't blame them, they get to buy they mama a new house, and I don't. But at least I can complete a sentence. WORD.

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Anonymous said...

Woot! I just read your favorite books on your profile. So glad An Urban Affair has made it safely through all the moves. We should really have a SDX reunion someday.
- SDX Member Maryann