Monday, July 9, 2007

Summer Arrives- Hide Your Eyes

It has been a LONG time since Cindy and I have enjoyed the summer the way it is intended! Babies, work, moving, changing, always on the go, lack of beach body...all inhibiting factors. So this summer I am making it a priority to move outside. Thus the reason for my 6 wk blog hiatus, I had to plan. Actually that is not entirely accurate, I had to procrastinate the planning and slowly motivate myself to initiate the plan. Whatever the case, those of you who know me will appreciate my ability to dive right into the plan...literally.

To begin, I have been spending an obscene amount of time in Phoenix at my project traveling back and forth on a weekly basis. A few weeks ago I decided to take some time to myself and begin the "plan". Now, keep in mind my body has seen the sun only once every summer for the past 6 or 7 years and that was only on the 4th of July. Imagine the pasty, farmer tanned, redneck and alabaster back coupled with my mounting heft...yeah I know...EWW.

I took the plunge a few weeks ago and decided I did not care what I looked like, I was going to get some sun and boost my body's supply of Vitamin E (sounds better than promoting skin cancer). So fueled by a few cold suds delivered by the little cabana girl at the Camelback Inn, I removed my shirt and assumed the position! I noticed at this point that the entire pool deck glanced, winced, and shielded the glare from my chest. Cabana girl returned, offered something stronger, I accepted, and felt much better with the addition of liquid courage in the form of rum. It was 112 degrees...and it was 6pm. I am told it is a "dry" heat and therefore doesn't really feel hot. Let me tell you friends, it doesn't matter if its dry, moist, or otherwise...when it is 112, it is HOT.

Instantly I begin to sweat, meaning I could have supported a rice paddy. I tough it out with the same perseverance of holding back the first break-the-seal pee. It has only been 20 minutes and I am already fried. Finally I just cannot stand it...I MUST GET IN THE WATER...AAHHHHH! Life is grand again. 112 is not bad when accompanied by a crystal clean cool pool. Cabana girl returns and I inform her of my change of venue...keep em coming girlfriend! She did. I finally threw in the towel when my face, shoulders, chest and back were sufficiently crisp.

And so summer has arrived...hide your eyes people, for inhibition is no longer in my vocabulary!

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