Thursday, May 3, 2007

Traveling Thoughts

I am sitting at DFW waiting for a flight that has been delayed nearly three hours, it is almost 11pm. Ironically, we are waiting on flight attendants to arrive from Little Rock. Are they walking? I have been to Chicago and Phoenix over the last 48 hrs and I am exhausted, perhaps that is why I feel like a prolific writer...well, that and I am finally rid of the 80's hangover. This week is proof that being a road warrior is not all limos and paparazzi...yes, I know I say that all the time...but it's true. Ever have those days where nothing goes right and you are always on the defensive? I hate those days, I like the feeling of being in control and those days take that feeling away from me. Anyway, I am enjoying some good people watching. I think I could truly write a book just chronicling my days on the road. There are some colorful creatures stuffed into airports across the country. There are people on cots making their nests for the night...I pray I do not get stuck here...if so I will be pissed. I hate Dallas in the spring, nearly as bad as Chicago in the winter. I spent some time kickin around on MySpace. That site is like crack, I just can't stop looking at people. High School class mates combined with college peeps tends to offer hours of entertainment. Some of these people look really old. You better not be saying that about me or no more pics of fun events! So...OOHH OOHH...flight attendants are in the house! Looks like I may just get lucky! Gotta jet. Word to your mother, peace out and all that.

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