Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bad Juju

Finally I managed to find time to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity last Saturday as part of a church mission project. It was only going to be a half day from 8 to noon. At the last minute on Friday afternoon, I flaked out. I know how dare I right? But the reason why is even worse. I wanted to go to the mountains and ride 4wheelers. So I did. I told you it was worse, but rest assured I am full of guilt and remorse. I am also having a really bad week so far and it is absolutely going to get worse before it gets better…Karma is truly a sonofabitch. I will be lucky to dodge an infection of amoebic dysentery until I can restore my dogma with a new penchant for helping others…better get on it pronto; I have a sensitive stomach!

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