Thursday, November 15, 2007

Home Theatre: Redneck Style

Truck, who is my neighbor, called last week with a great idea…let’s watch Transformers tonight. What an excellent use of our non-existent spare time. He painted a wall bright white in the garage and hooked a projector to an old Bose surround system, set up two patio chairs, placed the kegerator within reaching distance, fashioned a makeshift urinal (to avoid missing a single moment), and the garage version of the redneck home theatre was born! I finished dinner and bath time then dashed out the door and down the street. His garage is heated and the projected image was as close to a real theatre screen as possible. The old Bose system, which didn’t work before, cranked to life with a simple dismantling and “hotwiring” to bypass the control board. It sounded AWESOME in the garage, but once the player was in play mode, there was no pausing or going back! The projector, one used for slide shows and PowerPoint presentations, worked wonders on the freshly painted wall. The patio furniture complete with ottomans provided first class seating. We used a ladder for the projector stand, a Home Depot bucket for a urinal…it was a site to behold! Whoever said moving to Arkansas would turn me into a hillbilly, bite your tongue…this is innovation in the face of necessity, sometimes one just needs to see Transformers on the big screen in full surround sound the way it was intended!

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