Thursday, November 15, 2007

Look Out Magic Kingdom- Here Come the Griswold's...err Carpenter's

I have always said I would rather stick a hot fire poker in my eye than go to Disney World with preschoolers…well now is my chance to compare the pain! We embark this week on a 10 day vacation to Florida for Thanksgiving that will include a short 2 day stint at the Polynesian and Magic Kingdom. This ranks right up there with my philosophy of owning a minivan…it is the day you admit life has beaten you to a bloody pulp. There is some sweet irony to this philosophy however, I unfortunately own a minivan and I have secretly wanted to go to Disney for as long as I can remember. It will be fitting for me to enjoy the MK more than anyone else; after all, I can quote every line to The Lion King. We won’t mention my secret collection of Disney show tunes hidden amongst the old dusty CD’s! And don’t even get me started on Cars and Aladdin! But I’m sure it will suck…not really excited about it at all. (Wink)

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