Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Genesis of a Pre-Mid-Life Mini Crisis

As a sign of maintaining my dork status and jump starting what will certainly become a righteously funny mid-life scenario, I spent the remainder of my Christmas money (plus slightly more) on a few new toys over the weekend. I finally bought a small 32" flat screen for the upstairs playroom. To go along with it, I decided what the hell, let's add a PlayStation 3...oh yes I did! I then proceeded to spend the entire day rearranging the playroom/family room/office to find the optimal location for each "zone" of use.

It was important to optimize viewing, play area, and office/desk area in a bonus room slightly larger than an over sized bedroom. For hours, and I mean literally hours, I muscled furniture, unpacked and repacked shelves again and again, shuffled toys and chairs, and eventually ended back where I started. Nothing really changed. All my wasted time, which I can never get back, was for nada. The only change was a simple swap of kid toy area and desk area which allowed for the kids a reading nook and play zone. I have no doubt they will contain their toys as per my plan.

The new TV, which I had planned to mount on the wall, still sits atop the old black buffet cabinet where it has since the beginning. I did, however, find a place to stash the PS3...on top of the DVR. Now all I need is a bean bag chair and a mini bar and the transformation will be complete...I told you, dork. Never mind a busy travel schedule compresses my chore schedule into two very short days, this was important! So as predicted, not a single to-do item was crossed off the list this weekend, oh well, another one comes in just 5 long days!

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Anonymous said...

your to-do list will have to wait another weekend...you have kid duty this weekend my friend!