Thursday, February 21, 2008


Yeah I know, it's not exactly apropos to discuss on a non-political blog of random regurgitation. But tonight I watched the democratic debate in Austin. I have been on the fence since the beginning of the political season as to whom I would support (even skipped the Super Tuesday primary in AR). I have finally made my decision and although it pains me because I am forever a Bill Clinton fan, I have to cast my vote for Obama.

I have never seen such a rapid and staunch following of turncoat Republicans in all my days of is amazing. Last night I was having this conversation with my boss, who just so happens to be a fairly conservative Republican, and was amazed at his comparison between Obama and JFK. What? Did I just hear that correctly? So I did a little research...turns out, he was right on the mark. It's the youthful charisma which continues to sweep the nation, but if you look closely at the platform, there is also substance. It is our generation which will retire in 2035 only to run out of social security in 2041. It is our generation and younger that continue to fight in Iraq for an unspoken cause (oil) under the guise of democracy and freedom. It is time our generation did something about it.

As a voter, I am opposed to pork barrel spending, career politicians who accomplish nothing, special interest groups (I think all lobbyists should be banned from the hill), and Rove-ish political practices for the betterment of wealthy Texans. On the surface, that sounds like McCain. But I am also in favor of some form of universal health care, increased funding for education, equal rights for all, and the distinct separation of church and state. So by nature, I am not permitted to be a Republican, nor would I want to be.

So in closing, I am very glad to see the fanatical right-wing has fallen from the plane and we can finally get down to the real business at hand...fixing issues which affect us all, not just voting for someone because they oppose gay marriage. Why the hell was that ever an issue in politics? Who cares? I want to know why the poverty rate in the US has increased over the past 8 years while the collective wealth has done the same. It is time for change, and frankly, I'm down with the guy who has managed to inspire record numbers of young voters. He may not be perfect. He may not have the experience. But he has the charisma to inspire the people of this country to take back what is rightfully theirs. This is truly a government of the people, by the people, and for the people...all people. Our ancestors, grandparents, parents, and siblings fought hard for us to maintain the right to rule our own land. Lest we never forget it.


Anonymous said...

Word. I too have a crush on Obama. :)

Eli said...

power to the people yo!

aWare said...

I like you even more! I am on the fence with "Yes WE CAN" and "CHANGE" right now! I voted Hillary at the primary, that is why she won vote...haha!
Anyway...great post!