Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yurt, Funny Name, Serious Hike...

Websters dictionary defines the Yurt as:

-n: a circular domed tent of skins or felt stretched over a collapsible lattice framework and used by pastoral peoples of inner Asia.

Eli's dictionary defines it as:

-n: a round thing in the middle of a pass, up an inclined, long-ass hike in the snow, where dinner and drinks are served with no electricity or running water and one is forced to pee in the duel-loading outhouse whose true aroma is masked by the fragrant wafting of scented candles burning incessantly; n: a cool place to spend the evening, even with a mile-long hike up and back; n: a structure for getting back to one's roots, typically not from pastoral Asian decent, but Coloradan rockyish mountainesque; adj: a precise description of one's time hiking up and down the hill to have a candlelit dinner for five (e.g. What a hell of a Yurt-y time we had the other night in the bitter cold. Remember that time we hiked up the hill a mile for a Yurt-y good time with some Yurt-y good food and wine?)

It was an experience, and it was really fun. I am so glad we did it, and even more thankful we didn't have to call the snow mobile to haul Cindy the rest of the way! For more info and pics, check out her blog ( )...I suck at adding pics to mine...the Yurt-y ending.

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