Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Cheers Moment

Ah the beautiful Westin La Cantera resort, my home away from home. Last night I arrived and unpacked my car, loaded up my trinkets, hiked up the hill to the entrance, and bounced in the front door. As I rounded the corner of the forer and before I could approach the front desk, Arturo, the friendly desk manager, says to me "welcome back Mr. Carpenter, how is the project coming along?" I think I may come here a little too often.

My room on the concierge floor was ready for me, complete with raspberry chocolates (my favorite). I unloaded my trinkets, sipped from my always handy bottle of water, and headed back out the door to visit Steinheimer's, the hotel's cantina, for a quick drink while jotting down some blog post ideas. This is always my moment to decompress. I walked through the door and before I could even take a seat, Philip, the bartender says "hey man, welcome back, Coors Light?"

Yes, I am here too often, but as long as I don't become the embodiment of Cliff Clavin, it'll be ok. Besides, sometimes you just wanna go where everybody knows your name.

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