Monday, April 28, 2008

Catching Up

It's been another blog hiatus for me. I have been swamped...well sort of. Just to catch you up on life in the fast lane, I offer the following recap:

1. Most important: WE FINALLY HAVE A Wii! It consumes mucho time and the results of day one were soreness and a Wii hangover! But oh so worth it my friends. This little box is the coolest gadget since Atari!

2. Spring has sprung and I still haven't completed my landscaping vision...although I did get my backyard shrubs and trees pruned. I have been procrastinating the start of the mowing season, with good reason, it sucks. I need a yard boy, anyone know where I can get one for free?

3. Jamaica looms...we are down to about six weeks and I am no where NEAR beach body ready! It's starting to give me anxiety. I think I need a vacation from the vacation prep.

4. E enrolled in Kindergarten last week. I'm still in shock. It seems absolutely inconceivable that my oldest will start public school. On a positive note, no more preschool tuition! My tax dollars will finally support one of the Carpenter's!

5. Truck and I have found a new hobby in model rockets. It is so cool, I have the heart of a sixth grader again! The bigger the engine, the more damage is done, and it is a great pastime with beer. I would steer clear if I were you!

6. Cindy finally let me buy a flat screen for the bedroom and I spent the weekend mounting it and concealing the cords. I am totally stoked! Of course I had to concede to selling the Bowflex in exchange, oh well, well worth the trade!

7. I almost succumbed to my automotive schizophrenia this week but passed up the chance to buy a Nissan Titan, which was kick ass I might add. It was the perfect pkg, low miles, well maintained, perfect color (SILVER...Ohh Ahh), but I resisted. I am becoming too practical...Cindy is rubbing off.

There are many more completely boring tidbits of my life I could post, but will spare you the dreary read. On a side note, I am still intrigued by the presidential primaries...interested to see the finale! Peace out my peeps...til another day.

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Anonymous said...

6 weeks....are you kidding me, it has only been a year in the making.....I have three words for you "swim suit cover-ups" they will be my best friends on this trip!! Look out Jamaica the centerton mafia is on the way!