Monday, April 28, 2008

Check Engine Light Madness

We are going on about 8 weeks...the battle for supreme weekend mechanic is heating up. I feel like I'm ahead, but that stubborn ass 4Runner just keeps getting back up. So far in my quest to eliminate the dreaded orange glow from the dashboard, I have cleaned my throttle body, replaced the throttle position sensor, cleaned the mass air flow sensor, replaced the plugs and wires, cleaned my injectors (which was really cool by the smoke for 30 minutes!), tested the ECU for defects, and have run diagnostics on my laptop a 1001 times. It keeps coming back, telling me I'm running too lean. I know the problem, just don't want to I'm again too cheap. I need to replace one of the O2 sensors, but they are expensive. If I will the light off and concentrate REALLY hard, I know it will happen. Although willing my pen to move across the desk was a huge failure, so maybe I should consider that a power which skipped me on super-power handout day. So we continue the battle...I refuse to give up...and lose! Wish me luck...

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