Friday, April 4, 2008

OGIO: Backpack of Dreams

It’s Friday morning and I have been up since 4am rushing to catch a flight home from Phoenix. The plane is only half-full (it’s an optimistic day) and I am stretched out across 3 seats with my 50lb rucksack of assorted electronic accoutrements sprawling its contents along side me. Joking of course when I say it weighs 50 pounds, we'll go with 30. My good ole Ogio Metro…it has been with me now for nearly 4 years, abused nearly all of that time. It’s like my security blanket and good luck charm all rolled together, lending me a sense of cohesion when my chaotic travels leave me longing for the comfort of ballistic nylon.

Anything and everything I could need or want in any given week finds a place in my go-go pack, even the kitchen sink (if you consider germ gel an equal substitute). What I cannot figure out, is why I feel the need to carry all of these electronic gadgets that each require their own charger (two in some cases)? Who the hell in the merry old land of electronics decided to have different source inputs? I carry two cell chargers (AC/DC), two Blackberry chargers (see cell chargers), iPod w/ charger and USB cord, mini/mini cord for rental cars new enough for an aux jack, headphone splitters, two sets of headphones (noise canceling and ear buds), laptop (and the chargers, mouse, memory sticks, and misc cables that go with it), camera (with extra battery and charger)…and on and on.

Even though it is high tech in surplus, it maintains a primitive role of capture and carry: Gum, Altoid tins, highlighters, pens, pencils, calculator (why? When Blackberry, cell, and laptop each have the same function…so I'm old school dude), lip balm, two pairs of sunglasses, spare change (6 lbs worth clanging around the bottom), business cards, post-its (many, many post-its), calendars, legal pads, keys, letter pads, stolen hotel pads, emergency trail mix, nail clippers, magazines (always a minimum of two, preferably three), an occasional book, project files, drawings, loose receipts, mail from six weeks ago I just threw in the bottom, yada yada yada.

It’s sad when you consider a funny blog post one which depicts the “life in a bag” as a sales pitch. Hurry, SALE SALE SALE NOW…only two minutes left and supplies are limited…don’t be left holding the bag…uhh, ok that was lame, but you get the point and I thought it was funny. If you see me randomly meandering around an airport with earbuds, double-timing with my Ogio, and looking like I have no idea a big world is revolving around outside, please do me a favor and get me an appointment with a Chiropractor. I need an adjustment.

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Chloe Anderson said...

I have to agree. Ogio backpacks are the bags of my dreams!